Solder Paste

Solderindo produce Solder Paste for SMT process and repair. Consistency flux is the key to advance our solder paste formulation. With stringent processing controls we ensure its solder paste result never varies.

Alloy Type Category Alloy Composition Flux Type Powder Type Flux Content
SAC0307 Lead Free Sn R, Ag 0,3%, Cu 0,7% EP-168FF, WS-337 Type 4 12%
SAC305 Sn R, Ag 3%, Cu 0,5% Type 4 12%
SnBiAg Sn 42%, Bi 57%, Ag 1% EP-105FF Type 4 10%
SnPb63 Leaded Sn 63%, Pb 37% EP-123FF, WS-337 Type 3 10%
SnPb622 Sn R, Ag 2%, Pb 36% Type 3 10%

*available in 30grams & 500grams pot, 50grams syringe & 1Kg syringe package
*ask for MSDS for more details